me and dale

On Monday (our sabbath), Tina and I went to Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station for a promotional event that City Harvest was hosting.  Credit Jim Carlese for the inside scoop and sending us the info. Jim is great for inside scoop.

If you’ve ever hung out with me in the past 8 months, you’ve probably noticed that I am a top chef fanatic, primarily top chef chicago, because that’s really the only season I’ve watched.  I can’t think of a time I’ve been more committed to a show, and Tina’s exhortations to stop reading and posting on the top chef message board is proof of my fandom.

Of all the contestants on the show, my favorite by far was dale talde, a sous chef at buddakan in ny.  I loved how dale kept it real, and his passion and honesty were the traits I most admired.  Some people thought he was arrogant, and I suppose he can certainly come off that way, but I’d like to think of him as unabashedly forthright.

For example, he thought that Richard and Stephanie were his best competitors.  For the most part, he was right (with maybe the exception of Antonia).  He would be really mean to everyone else, but at least people knew if he didn’t like them.  He didn’t make it to the final five, but he was still surprisingly accepting of his circumstances, despite the outcry seen on virtually all tc message boards.

I think his bluntness relates to my disowned self, which is probably why I liked him so much.  I want to be more like dale, but that’s for another conversation.

All this to say, I was a HUGE dale fan, and as we were wandering by Vandy hall, we spotted Dale from a distance.  We called over to him and he introduced himself politely.  Here’s how the beginning of our convo went:


Me:  “Dale, wassup man!  Dude, you were my favorite on the show, I voted for you for fan favorite like 80 times.”

Dale:  “Well, that obviously wasn’t enough.”

Me:  “I know, I wish I had more free time.”


See how Dale keeps it real?


2 responses to “me and dale

  1. ACK! I LOVE DALE! hahahaha. your convo was hilarious.

  2. Dale Rocks!!! We got love for the islander!

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