more obama links

These links discuss Obama’s stance on key moral issues as well as Obama’s approach to abortion.

With the recent election results and the lingering suspicions of some people I’ve talked to, I thought it’d be helpful to provide a view on an Obama presidency that is not as dire as some on the religious right have bemoaned.

I believe the best thing we can do at this time is to support our new president-elect (regardless of whom we may have supported), and to be the most kingdom-minded Jesus followers in word and deed.  I do believe both are not mutually exclusive.

Obama on moral issues

Pro Life Obama


One response to “more obama links

  1. Hey, Drew-
    So shy, my friend! I only discovered your blog by back tracking some traffic on my blog. Thanks for “rolling” me, and welcome to the still undefined corner of the blogosphere for (I’m projecting) progressive Christians with a special interest in race and American identity.

    If your blogging is even half as good as your preaching, I look forward to where While Waiting will go.
    Speaking of which, to what does the title refer?\

    In His Grip,


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