Some men from NLF got together to play football this past Saturday.  Our numbers dwindled as the forecast for the day became increasingly ominous.  Here’s how one conversation went earlier that morning, this one with David Snape, a perennial nemesis whenever we play football:


DS:  Hey Drew…

Me:  Dave!  Wassup man!  You ready to go at it today?!

DS:  Well, how’s the weather looking right now?

Me:  It’s cloudy, but we’re still gonna play.  The forecast says it’ll rain later in the afternoon, so we’ll be done before the rain comes.

DS:  Oh, okay… You know, I think I’m gonna pass on playin today…

Me:  U serious?  C’mon man, we need you…

DS:  Yeah, I’m gonna pass and rest up a bit.


Sure enough, two minutes into our game, it started to rain.  An hour in, it started to pour.

Here are the folks who braved the conditions and came out (minus Marlon, who took the picture).  It’s a good thing that Dave didn’t listen to me.  Although, I must say, it was one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played with other New Lifers (the mud brought up a lot of slipping, sliding, and hilarious quips).



2 responses to “football

  1. tina didn’t play?!

  2. Our NLF brothers are pretty darn cool ! 🙂 Looks like you had a great time!

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