three incredible books.


Why Faith Matters by David J. Wolpe

I ran across this title on a bookshelf in Barnes and Noble, and I proceeded to read the first few pages.  I became engrossed immediately, and ended up ordering a copy for myself.  I find it a remarkably compelling apology for faith.  It’s much more narratival than most books about why belief in God is a reasonable endeavor.  I’d highly recommend this book to anyone wrestling with issues of faith, doubts, and even suffering.  I’m actually very curious to hear discuss this with someone, so let me know if you ever get around to picking it up!



The Attentive Life by Leighton Ford

A remarkable book.  I was repeatedly moved to tears while reading it.  I found it so full of wisdom and insight, and I suspect it’s a book I will turn to in different seasons of my life.  I hope to go through my days – and years – with great attentiveness.  I can’t remember a time I’ve been this impacted by a book.  It’s a wonderful, beautiful devotional book.

As an interesting note, Leighton Ford is Pastor Pete’s mentor!


imagesWhat is the What by Dave Eggers

Mesmerizing and well-written.  It’s shocking to think that all of these accounts happened in Sudan during my lifetime.  I hope that reading a book like this can somehow translate into meaningful action on my part – both here and abroad.

Tina and I are thinking of taking a trip somewhere outside the US sometime soon – anything to grant us perspective, friendship, and an experience with God in another land.  Would anyone like to join?


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