highlights from the close of 2008

ny-eve-2008-0241– rich and rosie leading the electric slide.  mike on the cupid shuffle.   i have video but can’t upload it!  argh.

– one thing i’m hoping for in 2009.

– sistas w/ afros (rebecca, myrna, drea, miriam, louisa, evelyn) ELVIS, matt kandathil’s shirt and chain.

– into glorious light i’m running.

– pete scazzero making it to the dance floor, everyone busting out their cameras to take pictures and post them somewhere.

– my lovely wife and i squabbling about how to decorate the church.  there’s no one i’d rather squabble with. it’s amazing how unrelenting i am when she clearly has the more decorative eye.

– tina and i trying to fit 40 helium-filled balloons in our little civic, while she bravely holds the other 35 balloons out the window against the howling wind and snow.  it was so ridiculous i was laughing but my wife was about to cry.

– people dancing (emily, carmen, miriam, meghan, myrna, and others) while there are ladders and push brooms surrounding them. you guys are crazy.  but that’s why i love you.  btw, jackie and i were wondering when you’d ever get tired.

– marisela telling me i’m not bad at the merengue, while bo is tearing it up right next to me.

– so much good food.  food=fun.

ny-eve-2008-1121– watching kevin dance with jihee from a distance.  yes guys, i was watching.  too fun(ny).

– nlf staff dancing the night away – i have video on the speillers, johnsons, and the rohdins (meanwhile, i saw the snapes and villodases but was too late with the camera).  yes, our staff team is pretty dang sweet.  let’s do the twist!

– watching haplessly as the kids pre-empt our balloon-falling-at-midnight plans by throwing all the balloons off the balcony and using them to bop each other.  at 9:30.  there were no more balloons at midnight.

– the youth getting riled up at “i love rock n roll”.

– david costes.  joshua johnson.  carmen moore.  rich villodas.  dave sue.  mike betencort.  mike park.  linda johnson.  christopher celiz,  geri scazzero.  sandy onstad.  and many more.  bringing life to the inevitable dancing circles.  each so unique, so wonderfully crafted for such a moment as this.

– silky smooth latin dancers. too many families to name, but here’s a few: idilio, rodriguez, marlon, valles, baez, alemans, louisa, angie, marisela.  i’m jealous.

– getting requests from hannah hoffman and chang.  your songs made it in the end.

– michael baez doing the hustle with his daughter elaine.  skillz.

– the wall that jim o prepared.  read it when you get a chance…

– many more highlights, with old friends back home (Bo C., Amy A., college folks judea, joe l., and chris), and new memories made.

for more pics, click here.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord…”


3 responses to “highlights from the close of 2008

  1. nice. sounds like there was much fun, i like htat there was so much dancing.

  2. I read this list for the second time and I laughed yet again. I never get tired of the diversity of our church. Diversity in the fullest sense of the word. 🙂

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