things i’ve been up to lately.

– Met up with Mike Keller yesterday at Communitea, a quaint little tea shop of Gossip Girl and Baby Mama fame.  No one else probably knew that except Mike and I.  I don’t know whether to be proud or sheepish about that fact.

Either way, a great time reconnecting with an old friend visiting his old stomping grounds.  We just needed Dan Shin there so we can argue about covenant theology or have a flier-passing-out contest.

– We had a wonderful, lively evening over dinner with the versailles family, sharing how lebron is a beast and how much greg likes kobe, and wondering aloud how casey knows so many people. Hilarious.

– Tina and I got back from a week-long trip to Florida.  It was my second time there, but first that I had a chance to really enjoy what Florida has to offer.  We had an amazing time, replete with a Mick and Clarice sighting, a visit to 4 different disney parks (thanks, steph!), and a visit to bok tower gardens.  Coincidentally, my mom’s name is Bok Hee Hyun.  She would have enjoyed the gardens very much.

Tina is my ideal traveling partner – decisive, investigative, and fun to be quiet with.  She also appreciates good food, and with her texan background, good greasy food.

– We can’t get enough of Eli.  He is – and I know this might sound very strange – one of my happiest thoughts every day.  When I think about him, I think of family as a whole, and then I start wanting to have more family reunions.

– I had nothing to “do” with this, but David and Jean had a baby!  I am an uncle once again (first as a gomoboo), and Tina and I keep marveling over Caleb’s birth.  We can’t wait to meet him in a couple of weeks.

– Based on the last two points, family and friends usually start to ask about babies for us.  The answer is no, but we do love babies that are not our own.

– Our Singles’ Retreat was glorious fun – I just wish I was around longer.  My heart was full as I was driving home.  So was my belly.  I didn’t know Mike knew me so well.  If you were at the retreat, you’d know what I mean.

Special thanks to: Sue, Jay, Mike P., Cate, Jacob and the crew, Denise, Meghan B., Tina P., and I’m sure I’m missing someone.

Two halves, don’t make a whole.  I like that.

Also, the book I recommended – The Thrill of the Chaste. Excellent.

– The Super Bowl was a highly entertaining game, and it was a thrill to watch at the church.  Quick question – why are there so many Steelers fans in NY?  It’s slightly annoying.  Slightly, but I loved watching with you.

– We had the most ridiculous staff Christmas party in early January.  Ridiculous in a good way.  If you’ve seen pictures, you’d know what I mean.  Suffice to say, we have a dramatic bunch.

– Eugene came back to town, which always prompts a reunion of the park-chung-choo triangle.  It’s a privilege to be grafted in, although I still don’t get access to Soo and Jason’s blog.

– Dareyn is back in ny, and politics, economics, and the state of cal football are always interesting topics of discussion with him.

Things randomly on my mind:

spring come quickly :: miracle on the hudson moves me :: the buffalo crash grieves me :: i don’t think arod is telling the truth – I just wish I knew who was clean (probably Rob Deer) :: grieving for the sick at new life :: sad when people leave :: happy when old friends return :: I hope Cal makes the tourney :: does this count as 25 random? :: faith and work :: good to be on a preaching team :: what’s God saying in this economy? :: how does someone grow at new life? :: Philippines trip in June :: Jesus be my center.


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