Opportunities to hang out this summer.

With our NLF website undergoing some recent re-construction (we have a NEW temporary page up at www.newlifefellowship.org), I thought it’d be good to list some summer hang-outs that New Lifers will be attending.  These aren’t official New Life events at all, but if you’d like to hang out with a group of people or meet someone new, you’re welcome to one of these things!

And, of course, we’ll have Friday Night Live on Friday Nights, and Outreaches at Moore Park on Wednesday nights.

Email me if you’d like to update this list… we can always add to it.

Friday, August 14th

n99516937266_162Not For Sale – The Documentary***Sponsored by New Life Fellowship Young Adults

6:30 pm

Astoria Park

contact: wearenotforsale@gmail.com

Saturday, August 22nd

n134025001857_2742Cate Song with Reilly, Koo Chung, and Jinny Kim!

Cate Song (www.myspace.com/catesong)
Koo Chung (www.koochung.com)
Jinny Kim (www.jinnykim.com)
REILLY (www.reillytheband.com)

Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Email events@in2church.org for tickets.

Contact catesong@gmail.com for more info.  I don’t know much about the other bands, but I know Cate is terrific!

Wednesday, September 9th

n101765242746_794NY Mets vs. Florida Marlins

Tickets are $11 each.  There are 50 tickets total.

Contact: youngadults@newlifefellowship.org


2 responses to “Opportunities to hang out this summer.

  1. I have tickets for sale for the Kenya fundraiser if people are interested in going. It’s $15 and all proceeds go to the mission trip. The ticket makes a nifty little bookmark too. 🙂 Even if you’re not going, please consider donating to the cause! Thanks!

  2. Oh, so August 22nd – big show at In2 church on the Upper East Side. I’m playing with Reilly, Koo Chung and Jinny Kim. They are all FANTASTIC musicians. Contact me at catesong@gmail.com for more info! (haha.. I love how I’m using your blog to promote my own stuff)

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