August Happenings.

It’s been a full and eventful August.  Now that the final week is here, I thought I’d recap some of the highlights from this past month.

1.  The Leadership Summit – Yes, I’ve still been raving about it.  I also enjoyed reading Pete’s reflections on the summit.  As usual, he has a way of reminding me of first things first.

David & Crytal

Congrats David & Crystal!

2.  David and Crystal’s wedding – Absolutely loved it.  From the emotional walking down the aisle of the bride and mom, to circles of love, to 20 cents-30cents-dollar, to laughs and hugs all around – very special.  It was also a reunion from the Elmhurst small group circa 2005!  The miracle of marriage never gets old, and this was proof.  Life is beautiful.  Congrats David and Crystal!


Parks sans mom and tina. A good-looking family!


tina and mom.

3.  Trip to Colorado – We had so much fun with Mom and Dad Park, and David, Jean, and Caleb.  I’m lucky to be married into such a delightful family, and Caleb is a stud and perfect gentleman (if you’ve met him you’d know what I mean).  Plus, the Rockies are absolutely beautiful.  Shout out to Eugene and Jolynn, the only two friends I know who are now living in the splendid state of Colorado.

We miss you guys already.

We miss you guys already.

4.  Goodbye to Hoffmans – This isn’t really a highlight, it’s more of a lowlight, but here’s how it’s a highlight.  This family is da bomb, quite frankly.  They will be sorely, sorely missed.  When family and friends move away, it’s always a grieving… when seven in a particular family move away, it’s a grieving times seven. Please come visit again.  All of you.  Quickly.

5.  Not for Sale in Astoria Park – Lebeka and the crew put on an AMAZING event to stop human trafficking.  It’s cool to see what happens when people step out in faith.  I’m so proud to know so many of the people who made this happen, and I was inspired by their commitment to this great cause.  Aside from the actual event, there was a benefit concert, and other planning meetings.  These guys demonstrated that it’s fun and meaningful to get involved in justice issues.

hundreds came out to hear about how to stop human trafficking.

hundreds came out to hear about how to stop human trafficking.

Another cause we’re hoping to promote soon – Charity:Water.  Be on the lookout!  Christy Scazzero is working with this cool organization, and we’re looking for ways to get people involved… lemme know if you’re interested in seeing what can be done to provide clean water to different communities!


the nlfhc is off da stethescope.

the nlfhc is off da stethescope.

6.  Health Center Moore Park Outreaches – Can I just say, our health clinic is off da chain.  They’ve served over 375 people this summer with free health screenings!  Loads of faithful volunteers set-up a huge tent in different parks and make it happen.  Dave Jennings et. al – you guys are CRAZY.  In an inspirational way, I mean.

Jim7.  Jim and Nelli’s wedding – Special in many ways.  It was so fun to see folks I miss (Stacey, Fees – such wonderful people!), watch New Lifers dressed up & hitting the dance floor with usual energy and gusto, and Bhangra (can this be a verb?  Like, I bhangrad today) till we dropped.  Most of all, the spirit of celebration started with such a fun-loving and joyful couple.  Tears and laughter everywhere.  Congrats Jim and Nelli!

I just realized I missed a July update.  This summer has been wondrous, indeed.


One response to “August Happenings.

  1. Thanks for this synopsis. It has indeed been a wonderful summer. 🙂 When too many things happen, it’s easy to forget. Btw, I read Pete’s note on the Summit, and there is a thoughtful comment in response to his post. Did you see that?

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