Recent Thoughts

Here are some recent thoughts I’ve had lately:

1)  It’s killing me that the Clips gave the game away to Phoenix last night. I’m probably 1 of 15 people in the world who care about this, but such is my life.

2)  I’m sad to be missing the Young Adult Retreat this weekend, mostly because I know it’s gonna be a fabulous time.  I’m also bummed I missed the marriage retreat last weekend.


Myself, Andy, and Rich at Catalyst.

3)  I’m still processing my time at Catalyst. I think the conference brought out a lot of my issues with race, alienation, and identity.  At the very least, I’m still really grateful for our time with Andy Crouch.  We have to find a way to get him to New Life.

4)  I’ve read some cool books lately, especially Things Hidden by Richard Rohr, and The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker.  I’d highly recommend both, although I must warn you that it will take some time to ponder what these gentlemen seem to be saying!  These two books have found their way into sermons I’ve preached recently too.

5)  I think Cal’s basketball team is overrated. I thought the same of our football team this year, but yes, I’ll go ahead and publicly say that I think #12 is really high for us.  We don’t have the athleticism to hang with the top tier teams.

With that said, I’m very very proud of where our basketball and football teams have come.

I’m bummed I can’t make the Cal game at Madison Square Garden in November.

6)  I love NYC. With all of its outlandishness (dirty, crowded, noisy, etc), there’s still no place like NYC.  The people, the vibe, the food – all aces.

7)  I love Top Chef. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this captivated by a television show.  Maybe Survivor season 2?  My favorite this season is Kevin.  He, Richard Blais, and Dale Talde are my favorite contestants ever.

I never thought I’d say this, but on Wednesday, for the first time in my life, I was anticipating a television show more than the World Series.

8)  Tina’s the best.


Our Philippines team thanks you for all your support!

9)  I’m excited about our Philippines Trip in November. Whenever I hear of another person lending their support, I am humbled and grateful beyond belief.  I am so honored to know you, our team, and the Harners who have given their life for their community in Cebu.

10)  I’m very fortunate to have the brothers that I do. The past few weeks we’ve had a chance to celebrate Evan and Eli’s first birthdays.  Whenever I have a chance to spend time with my brothers and their families, I get replenished in ways that I don’t anywhere else.

And my nephews are so dang cute.


Our Family Photo @ Eli's 1st Bday sans Phil and Viv.

11)  I love our staff team – current and past. I’ve met and worked with some incredible people at New Life Fellowship.  I am so ridiculously blessed to know them.

One day, we’ll get a group picture taken on a digital camera.


One response to “Recent Thoughts

  1. Every time I go to a retreat where you’re not there, I feel like something’s not quite right. We totally missed you, too. It WAS a fantastic time. 🙂

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