Some Cool NLF People – Part 1

I thought I’d start a series of posts on cool people in our New Life Fellowship community.  I know, I know, everyone’s cool, so hopefully I can highlight more and more people as the days progress.

1) Karelyn Siegler – Karelyn’s an artist/art teacher who teaches at different schools such as Parsons, Kings College, and the New School.  I get regular updates from her about work that she’s doing with students, inspiring them to dream about art, their lives, and the reality of God.  You can find out more about her at her website, but yes, very cool.  Plus, she’s a great swing dancer and has been part of our Forest Hills community.

2) Helen Sung – If you haven’t heard already, Helen is an exceptional jazz pianist.  You can read her bio at her site to get a sense of how she’s got mad skillz.  And you haven’t heard her play!  Which, of course, means you must go out to see one of her gigs sometime.  She’s really breaking new ground in jazz as an Asian-American woman (unintentionally, I might add – I don’t think she knows what an inspiration she is!).  Word.  She’s also been a regular volunteer with our worship/arts community, and she’s a great person to talk sports with – yes, any sport.  Btw, you can become a fan of hers on facebook here.

3) Omar Morales – Aside from being a hilarious guy, he’s an elementary school teacher who leads a men’s group at New Life while also leading a youth group for people who want to know more about God.  If you hang out with him for 5 minutes, you’ll realize why kids love him and you’ll hear a random story from his life that will have you rolling on the ground somehow.  I had the privilege of also watching him hit the most incredible 3-pointer in the history of NLF basketball.

4)  Joe & Anna Philip – Joe and his lovely wife Anna are on our Philippines team this year, and although Joe’s a Yankee fan, he’s one of the most fun-loving, easy-going, sports playing, music sounding, food-making renaissance men out there.  Oh, and he’s a doctor.  Anna rivals Joe’s prowess in all of the above while working in the business world and carrying a huge heart for marginalized, disenfranchised people.  I can’t wait to hang out with them in the Philippines.


2 responses to “Some Cool NLF People – Part 1

  1. Awww… I love your blog posts. I really do.

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