Some Cool New Life Fellowship People – Part 2

Hopefully I’ll be able to post these once a month.

1.  Tony and Louise Simone – The Simones are a dream for any church to have – wise, seasoned, and mature people of faith who bring a presence of hospitality and warmth wherever they go.  Tony runs his own business and Louise is a schoolteacher, and they are the parents of three adult children and a few grandchildren (I forget how many but I know they’re adorable).  I’ve worked with these folks in Alpha and small groups, and I think folks who know them would agree that these two are gems to our community.

2.  Cate Song – If you don’t know by now, Cate is a phenom in NLF circles as one of our worship leaders, and she’s apt to become more well known as she continues to travel with her music.  You should buy her cd if you have a chance.  The thing is, if you get to know her, you find out that she’s as quality a person as one will ever meet, in addition to her immense talent.  She’s fun, easy-going, and really thoughtful.  And she has served our communities in many more ways than just her music – I think mainly by being her winsome self.

3.  Victor Rodriguez and Nelly Calzada (and kids Mia and Januel) – Fellow Astorians, Victor and Nelly are a great family to have in the neighborhood.  They are charming, cheerful, and funny – really funny.  Victor works for Intouch ministries while Nelly works in television.  They’re one of the few families I know who have moved to NYC from the suburbs of a Southern city and absolutely love it here (and can recognize how God is moving in NYC).  Their kids are really terrific, too.  These guys make me believe I actually live in Astoria.  Oh, and they volunteer in our worship ministry and they’re thinking about hosting/leading a small group. 🙂

4.  Monique Ambrose – Monique is one of our faithful greeters, and she has the personality and smile that suits her for it.  There’s a peace and inviting spirit that Monique exudes, and it’s evident whenever I see her.  She’s a schoolteacher during the week, and I’ve always admired her earnest heart for God and the hopefulness she always seems to carry.  She’s also part of a small group in Flushing and is the proud mother of a college student!

5.  Brian Petersen – More affectionately known as BP, this southpaw is a leadoff hitter, counselor, small group leader, and acoustic singer  extraordinaire.  This guy absolutely kills me with his jokes and his references to Pete Incaviglia and Kirk McKaskill.  His band Liminal Space puts on a dang good show, too.  I respect him for his willingness to go deeper in his soul searching and wanting to be a blessing to Astoria – wow, two Astorians made the list this time around!


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