More Taylor Swift

I might be going a bit overboard with this Taylor Swift theme, but I wanted to add one more reason why I believe there’s so much mass appeal for TS.

In the facebook comments I’ve received from Cate, Judea, and Jusup, I’ve noticed a common critique of Swift’s musicality and lyricisim.  I’m not a talented musician, and not even a polished music listener for that matter, so I’d certainly have to concede artistic taste to the aforementioned musicians above.

So while it’s true that Swift’s music may not have as much depth musically or lyrically, I would nonetheless say that her songs seem to hold together a delicate balance of angst and buoyancy, thereby having a cheering effect on the listener.

In other words, I can relate to the feelings of alienation throughout the songs (again, I can only comment on The Love Story and You Belong with Me), but by the time the song is done, I have become a hopeful youth once more, believing that true love is real and available.

Thus, I can listen to the song when I’m down or up.  The masses love the triumph of hope over suffering, I think.

Theologians would call this the promise of eschatological renewal.

I call it fun.

Or funny – at least when my wife starts to dance and giggle, that is.


3 responses to “More Taylor Swift

  1. um, maybe it’s time I took the mix cd (w/ the TS songs) out of our car…should my husband putting TS and eschatological renewal together worry me?

  2. Yes. hahaha. Drew is what we like to call a maximalist. =)

  3. Off to downloading a few of her songs… ha ha.

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