Some Cool NLF People – Part 4

February Edition

1.  Dave (& Cindy) Jennings – Dave and Cindy are really extraordinary (as is their daughter Hannah).  They live up in Nyack where they continue to hold considerable leadership positions at Nyack college, but they also commute down to Queens weekly (over the past 15+ years they’ve been at NLF) to be part of our community and serve the people of Elmhurst in remarkable ways.  In case you haven’t heard, Dave has been behind our Community Health Center as the director, and he’s one of the best leaders I’ve been around.  Go ahead and ask the volunteers of the Health Center about that!  In addition, Dave and Cindy have done extensive work in the Philippines with the Harners, and their leadership, service, compassion, and commitment to people has left me incredibly humbled and challenged.

2.  Dave Sue – Dave is one of a kind (even though this post includes two Daves).  For anyone who knows him, his energy is unmatched, and he’s so gifted in many ways.  He’s like a blur of positive energy – Christ-centered energy, that is (he’s a constant reminder to me to keep sermons Christ-centered – kind of an inside joke).  He’s a man of great wisdom and in general, a really fun person to be around.  Chances are, you’ll be the beneficiary of both if you spend time with him.  He’s a full-time employee in Macy’s marketing department, I believe, as well as a part-time MBA student.  He’s served in our small group ministry and helped in various other ways.  Most recently, he shared how he handles Sabbaths as an unmarried fellow, and I found it quite entertaining.

3. Josie Figueroa – Josie is one of the founding members of our Singles Ministry, and currently one of the key leaders in our women’s ministry.  She’s led small groups, taught classes, spoken at retreats, and done a host of other things in her efforts to love and care for people at New Life.  She’s done all of this as a volunteer!  Josie and I used to meet regularly when she was closely involved with the Singles, and I really appreciated her faith, honesty, and maturity.  She’s one of the bravest people I know as well, in terms of her willingness to step out in risky endeavors.  Very cool.

4.  Bill & Jessica Humphrey – Chances are, you’ve seen these two musicians if you attend NLF.  They have tremendous talent and servant-hearts – a combination that is pure gift for our community.  I hope you’ve had a chance to hear some of their arrangements, songs, and instrumentals.  I wonder what they think of Taylor Swift.  Haha, j/k.  But yes, they’re daughters are also quite talented as singers/musicians, and it’s so nice to have a lovely, fun-loving, godly family to lead us in worship with different styles of music.

5.  Stacey Chen – Stacey’s part of small group leadership in Manhattan, and she’s also a counselor professionally.  She’s got a super huge heart, a sweet spirit, and an easy-going manner.  As long as I’ve known her, she’s been quick to give an encouraging word and offer a listening ear.  She has a very easy presence.  We’re very fortunate to have her part of our community, and she personifies a woman of great depth and spirituality.


One response to “Some Cool NLF People – Part 4

  1. I have not had the opportunity to meet everyone on your lists, but I love reading about the amazing folks at NLF! 🙂

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