Some Cool NLF People – Part 5

If you’d like to see this series of “Some Cool NLF People“, you can click here.

I’ll call this the new baby addition.  It just so happens that these couples have all had new (first) additions to the family in recent weeks.

1.  Matt and Susan Geevarghese (and Priya) – Matt leads a men’s group at New Life, and these two are part of a marriage small group as well.  Matt is a fun, hilarious guy who loves the Philadelphia Eagles.  He’s very brave for loving the eagles in NYC.  Meanwhile, Susan is a fun, winsome person with a strength and ease about her.  These guys have been faithful to our community for some time, and they add a warm, encouraging presence to a room or group.  Congrats on baby Priya!

2.  Mike and Fanegie Doty (and Mikey) – Whenever I see Mike and Fannie I want to give them a big hug.  Mike’s a guys guy and our shared passion for football is instant bonding material.  We probably exchange more texts regarding football than anyone I know.  I appreciate his honesty, passion, and verve for holy hip-hop.  Fannie is really sweet and giving, and she has a wonderful disposition toward those in need.  These guys are a gift.  Congrats on baby Mikey!

3.  Rick and Pam Chowayou (and Owen) –  Chances are, if you’ve been around NLF, you know Rick and Pam.  They’ve served in a variety of roles including CDC, Small Group leader/coach, children’s ministry, prayer team, etc. while maintaining demanding jobs.  Rick is a faithful, welcoming, and wise leader, and I’ve been so fortunate to work with him, learn from him, and share life with him for the better part of recent years.  He’s a rock.  Pam is dynamic, hospitable, and really grounded as a leader, and her willingness to serve and welcome people is astounding.  These guys are servant-leaders in the truest sense of the word, and they’ve made huge deposits into our church family by simply being their godly, fun-loving, selves.  Congrats on baby Owen!

4.  Randall and Lydia Lambright (and Angelina) – Randall and Lydia were part of our marriage small group last year, and we had a blast getting to know them.  I admired the way they wrestled with their faith in business, family life, and the future, and they had a hopefulness to them that was really encouraging.  Plus, they made me laugh.  A lot.  They are as friendly a couple as you will meet, and I was blessed by their positive outlook, even when bad circumstances (like stolen cars) would come. Congrats on baby Angelina!

5.  Alan and Colleen Chan (and Joshua Zachary) – Alan is a small group coach in our community who has served our church in a variety of ways.  By day he is also a lawyer in Long Island.  He’s got a great knack for community, laughing outrageously and making others feel like they’re really funny, and leading people.  We’ve exchanged countless emails in debate, and he’s like a brother to me who’s shared in so much of my young adult life.  Colleen is a wonderful leader as well (she’s lead and served in so many ways as well), and she has a huge heart, engaging personality, and is a naturally gifted schoolteacher in Bayside.  She is one of those friends who one will think of calling at the first sign of need, trouble, or joy.  Congrats on Joshua Zachary!


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