You Should Watch This

I usually try to stay away from forceful words like “should” or “you betta” or “have to”, but in this case, I really think this encouragement warrants a “should”.

Ed Tom is a high school principal in the South Bronx, and this documentary chronicles his first year leading the students and staff at Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics.  It’s a compelling and moving film, and I felt broken, inspired, and hopeful after watching it.  Real stuff.

This documentary airs tonight (March 30th) on PBS at 10 pm.  Please watch it if you can! (New Life Fellowship and Pete Scazzero make a cameo)

Thanks Ed, and everyone else who is doing their part to renew the world.  You are true heroes.


2 responses to “You Should Watch This

  1. I caught this tonite and stayed on based on your suggestion. It was like a meditation – and well worth it.

    Much like yourself I felt the brokenness, just how difficult it is to move, motivate, redirect the human spirit in all of us. My how we need grace constantly.

    I missed the NLF cameo – must’ve been in the first 10 min I missed…

    • glad you had a chance to watch, wayne. the film was actually edited down for tv, so it was missing a few significant portions. I’d highly recommend watching the full-length version… there are a few more storylines that are really compelling and meaningful.

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