A Little More

Harsh words suffocate more than I know

Leaving me gasping, panting, conniving

For equal hurt, for just recompense.

Or maybe, a little more.

Not quite revenge, not quite justice.

Just a little more.

My impulse is to fight like hell

To defend my case

To swing blindly and boldly

With darts of words

And piercing stares

Or crushing tales.

I wish you to feel what I feel

the wounding affront

that echoes painful truth-

a little too much truth.

I wish you to know this pain,

Somehow so personal

though none can perceive.

Forgive in advance

My roar so unsteady

I know of grace I need.

Grace enough for me.

Or maybe, a little more for me.


2 responses to “A Little More

  1. Beautiful…

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