Drive Conference – Day Two

Some highlights from today:

Hanging out with Chris Kim. We had dinner with Chris, a staff member at Northpoint, at Vortex in Atlanta, and then hung out into the late hours at his place in Alpharetta.  He’s been a wonderful host, and the guy is a stud.

The accessibility of the Breakout Speakers. I attended three breakouts today, and two showcases.  The pace of the conference is quite helpful, and what’s cool is that each session ends with a Q & A.  Tina and I have both stayed after our respective sessions to ask many questions and we’ve been surprised that more people have not taken advantage of the NP staff’s availability.  We won’t complain though, because that leaves more time for us to ask questions.

I was especially thankful for Dan (I forgot his last name) who works in the HR department.  He answered a myriad of questions I had, and he did it with such wisdom, grace, and patience. I learned so much.

Meeting other pastors and leaders. For lunch we ate with a couple from Houston, TX, and a couple from Boise, Idaho.  Good times.

The Funnel Template from Andy Stanley. If you were there, you know what I mean.  It’s amazing at how clear and convincing NP’s strategies and systems are.

These people know how to put together a really fun, life-giving environment. I’m amazed at the creativity here, and I think this just might be the best conference I’ve been to throughout my life (besides our own EHS conference which doesn’t count).  I know, that’s bold, right?


It’s been practical, easy-paced, and challenging me in the areas I need to grow.

I’m very grateful.

Btw, if you’d like to learn more about Northpoint, check out this amazing resource.


One response to “Drive Conference – Day Two

  1. What a wonder and exciting time at Drive day 11. The guys are North Point Community Church are just amazing. The volunteers are angels.
    Pastor Cornelius Babalola
    Snr. Pastor
    House of Love and Prayer Christ Assembly.
    Ottawa Ontario, Canada

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