Some Cool NLF People – Part 6

I’ve gotten off my monthly rhythm of posting “Some Cool NLF People“, but I hope to get back to it soon.  You can see previous posts on the subject here.

1) Esther Chai – Esther is one of those people that immediately puts people at ease with her personality and presence.  She’s funny, witty, and approachable (sometimes snarky, though), and she’s got mad cooking skills, an easy way to befriend people.  For a pastor, she’s one of those people you’d love to have at any gathering because of the comfort level she brings to people and her heart in welcoming people.  She volunteers in our small groups, Global Partnerships, and worship ministry, and I hope she cooks dinner for Tina and myself for writing this post.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

2) Bill and Dawn White – A wonderful couple to be around.  These guys are so full of life and joy, and they are as honest and warm as people can be.  I was in a small group with them back in 2005-2006, and they had an infectious quality about them that has lingers with me.  That was a special group made up of special people, and the Whites were a big part of that.  They are both leaders in their own right, and they currently serve in different worship capacities and in our marriage ministry.

3) Judea Costes – You can read some of Judea’s stuff here, and I think you’ll get a pretty good sense of her – thoughtful, passionate, quirky, musical, and real.  The side you’d miss (but all who know her can testify to) would be her fun-loving self that loves to laugh and sing out loud.  She’s one of our college students who brings a sweet dimension of passionately seeking to love God and others.  She’s on our worship team and also volunteers at times with our youth ministry.  Very cool.

4) Dominick Baerga – You’ll hear more about Dominick if you plan on coming to our annual meeting, but yeah, the guy is so much fun to be around.  He now works at NLF, and he serves on our alpha team as a small group leader.  He’s also been involved in the food and clothing pantry.  Ever since we met he’s had me rolling with laughter and he has a winsome way of sharing what God is teaching him.  Again, come to the annual meeting to hear more!

5) Johann and Liesel Schumacher – If you haven’t met the Schumachers, you really should.  They are sweet, servant-hearted, and kind, and it’s evident in the ways they volunteer in our esl ministry.  At our Rule of Life Weekend, I had the privilege of getting to know them better, and what impressed me most was their gentleness and affable manners.  Johann also helped put together our silent sermon, and if you have a chance, you can see his incredible work online.  We also shared a very funny moment at the Rule of Life Weekend, and I’ll never forget what good sports Johann and Liesel can be.


One response to “Some Cool NLF People – Part 6

  1. *sniff* dreeewww… i’m touched… thank you.

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