Highlights and the Next Few Months

It’s been an interesting season, in many respects.

Normally I try to give a recap of recent events, but I’ve had so much to ponder since the last weekend before I left for Korea, it’s taken me some time to digest all that’s happening around me and in me.

Here are some highlights, as well as some stuff brewing the next few months:


Me and Tina's family (mom's side) in Korea

1.  Korea was awesome. I loved being there with Tina (and family), eating the food, and seeing different areas of Seoul.  Awesome (Sorry Jean, I know we owe you guys pictures!).

2. Mom’s Birthday in LA – I made a very, very quick trip to LA, meeting with family for my mom’s 60th birthday and hanging with a small group of friends.  Tina couldn’t make it, unfortunately, and she ended up missing the first meeting of Eli Hudson and Caleb Taesung.  I love my mom.  And my family.  No pics to post because I didn’t take a camera.  Sad.  But happy.

A picture from our Alpha Retreat @ Roosevelt Island

3.  Alpha’s been Great – We had our Alpha Retreat on June 5th, and here’s a picture of the group that was there (Roosevelt Island, baby!).  Such a heartwarming bunch – we’ve had a terrific year, and I’m sad that it’s coming to a close.

4.  New Life Fellowship Highlights – It’s been a pretty amazing year at NLF, in retrospect.  You can watch some of the cool things that happened in the video below (and they are very cool things).

This group is crazy.

5.  Rule of Life Weekend II – So much good stuff here.  I missed these summer retreats, and it was so life-giving to be with folks from New Life Fellowship thinking through how to Love God and Love Others as we Love Ourselves.

6.  Turning Our Hearts – I preached this message on Father’s Day.  Thank you to all you Father’s (and family members) who remain committed to making your families a place where lives can flourish.  And thanks to the church for “filling in the gaps.”

The Next Few Months

Although it’s been a terrific year for us, it’s had its share of difficulties, too. Life is like that – a panoply of sundry events and emotions, waiting to remind us how little we control and how much faith, hope, and love play a vital role in living.

Tina and I have been doing great, but I’ve come to a point where I know that I have to cut back on some of the commitments in my life right now.

Most of these commitments relate to New Life and my role there, particularly as we’ve had a few staff transitions and a growing congregation that’s bigger than it’s ever been.

I’ve been grieving a number of things the past few weeks (and year, really), including the staff transitions as well as some of my own limits when it comes to trying to do all that I want to do (and hope to do).

So with that, I won’t be preaching at all this summer so that I can manage some other stuff heading into the fall.  Right now, it’s an indefinite decision, but it’s one that I have to make so that I could direct my energy better this summer.

So yeah, I’ll still be around, but I won’t be preaching.

I look forward to how God will move this summer.  I believe God is taking our church to a deeper level of trust and maturity.  I’m so grateful for all of you who make our community what it is, and especially for those of you who invest so much of your time, talent, and treasure to love our people, I’m humbled beyond belief.

Love you guys.


9 responses to “Highlights and the Next Few Months

  1. I pray for an amazing season for you and Tina. Please keep blogging though- I love reading your updates.

  2. I pray this summer turns out to be a wonderfully refreshing time for you, Drew. Enjoy it to the fullest!

  3. Hey Drew,
    Thanks for sharing what’s been going on with you, Tina and your ministry. Your message on Sunday was very encouraging and it was good to hear your personal testimony as it related to the text. Hope you have a blessed summer!

  4. thanks for the comments, everyone. just to clarify, i will be around this summer and i will be active doing other ministry stuff – i just won’t be preaching!

  5. Miss ya bro!

  6. Thank you, Drew. I really appreciate your sharing about your decision. I will be praying for you and Christina. I love you both.

  7. Thanks for sharing, Drew. I’m sure it’s a tough decision (and I will miss your preaching) but I’m sure that it will be a very rewarding one for you!

  8. “panoply”…….nice

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