Global Leadership Summit 2010 Reflections – Day 1

Today was the first day of the Global Leadership Summit put on by the Willow Creek Association.  I’m actually attending one of their satellite sites – Christ Tabernacle in Queens, NY – and the folks at CT have been wonderful hosts.

This is the second GLS I’ve attended, and since I had such an extraordinary time last year, I was pretty excited for this year’s Summit.

Over the past 2-3 years, I’ve attended quite a few conferences, and I realize the two that I’ll likely stick with are the GLS and Drive (put on by Northpoint).  It certainly helps that I can go to the GLS a few miles away in Queens.

Here are my impressions after today.

1) Bill Hybels is a Wealth of Leadership Wisdom and Insight – I’ve only heard Hybels speak one other time (at last year’s Summit), and both times, I’ve found his leadership insights practical, insightful, and spirit-filled.  There’s definitely some practical takeaways from this year’s presentation of “here to there” that gave me some action steps while leading at New Life Fellowship.

I appreciate how Hybels emphasizes an inner life with God, as well.  He’s unabashedly a God-seeker.

2)  Humility, Curiosity, Perseverance & the Right People are Keys to SuccessJim Collins said so much good stuff – mostly recapitulated from his books – but still extremely helpful to hear live.

It’s interesting how each of the values of humility, question-asking, perseverance, and proper stewardship are all Christian virtues that are championed in Scripture.

Obviously, I’ve been listening to all these speakers with New Life in mind, and with organizational gurus like Collins, they provide a neat framework for me to re-view how we’re functioning as a church.

Btw, Collins is such a quirky but intense, funny yet serious… geek.  Hilarious.  I loved it.

3)  Christine Caine tore it up – She was so inspiring, so passionate, so convincing… I was willing to jump through a wall after hearing her story of hope, and how we shouldn’t lose hope either.

We were doin’ church up in CT.

4)  Every Guy (& Girl?) Wanted to be Mentored by Tony Dungy and to Mentor Others after his InterviewWow.  Tony Dungy made such a tremendous case for how impactful mentors can be, and he also presented how beneficial it is to be a leader and coach with integrity.  Man, I think every guy wishes we had a mentor like him… I’m thankful that I’ve had great mentors myself!

5)  Adam Hamilton’s Talk was Sobering – I was pretty surprised that Adam Hamilton was covering such an intense topic (When Leaders Fall, with a special emphasis on sexual temptations), but I believe he handled the topic with great care and sensitivity.  Again, something about the context felt strange and amiss for me (I’m still trying to figure out why), but I think it’s certainly a much needed area of instruction, particularly for leaders under pressure.

I loved his humility and graciousness – and I think it’s true that none of us are above needing to hear topics like this.

6)  I’m Curious what Americans thought of Dr. Peter Zhao Xiao‘s Talk – Personally, I found it incredibly encouraging.

I’m curious how others reacted because again, contextually it was so new – a foreign tongued leader speaking on the topic of the rise of another country…

For some reason, I don’t think this is a topic of interest to most American Christians because it is “foreign”… I know, that’s a really cynical view on my end, but that’s my assumption.

Big ups to Willow for inviting such a prominent person to share in another language, and big ups to all the Christians in China leading in extraordinary ways!

7)  I can’t get enough of Andy Stanley – He spoke on the same topic at Drive, but I didn’t mind.  I wanted everyone on our team to hear this talk, but I was bummed it was so late in the day.  His talk on tension is brilliant.

In the few months I’ve been listening to Andy Stanley on topics of preaching and leadership, I’ve been learning so, so much, and I want to become a better leader/preacher after every time I hear him.

All in all, it was really cool to hear Doug W. say after the conference, “I learned so much and it’s encouraging to see that Christians and Pastors are some of the most insightful leaders!”

Yes, very cool.


4 responses to “Global Leadership Summit 2010 Reflections – Day 1

  1. While Dr. Peter Zhao Xiao presentation was inspiring, some of the facts are countered by continued oppression of all religious freedoms in china. I am personally suspect of the messenger, who parrots what the Chinese government feels would take the edge off some of the political and social pressures being applied from outside their borders. It one thing to say these are changes, but the reality will be watching their feet and what they actually do. Jury is still out. However I do agree that china will eventually take over the title of world largest economy sooner than later. To which we need to get our house in order.
    Thanks for your recap of the session

    • Hi Matt-

      I figured there would be some suspicion over the talk, considering China’s phenomenal recent rise and relative “newness” to the world scene – including its entrance as a world leader in Christianity.

      I think the default mode of most Americans is to feel threatened and/or anxious, considering some of the criticisms that people will volley at C’s government and/or policies.

      At the same time, I think we (in the US) have our own flaws, perhaps not with religious freedoms but in other ways, particularly as American Christians.

      I actually thought Dr. Xiao was fair in admitting that the spiritual compass of China is integral to the nation as a whole – I thought it took great courage to say that, and to hint at the possible failure of what will happen without Christ in the country.

      At the very least, I hope we can support the movement of Christ in China for the transformation of the entire society. I know the Chinese government may be erring in some ways, but I must confess that the US government lacks in a lot of ways too.

      I hope we can both admit our strengths, weaknesses, and worries, and still be able to come to the table about how Christ can truly transform our world.

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  3. Shere-Ling Kraus-Yao

    Thanks for your replt to Matt. What a courage to say whay you said. I pray tht more people will support the speaker’s pled for help – support China maturity in Christianity will only do good to other countries in the whole world.

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