My Week Thus Far

Monday, August 16th

My week started in the midst of my Sabbath, catching up on missed episodes of The Office, Season 5.

By mid-Monday, I receive word that the 24 year-old son of a couple from New Life, died.  By Monday evening, I conduct a short memorial service in Jamaica, Queens, while approximately 150 teary-eyed friends and family come to view the body of a life cut far too short.

I cannot sleep.

Tuesday, August 17th

A full memorial service in the morning – we cry, we laugh, we don’t know what else to say/do.

The burial is in the afternoon – the longest lingering crowd I have ever seen at a burial.  Stefan was one special guy.

Head back to New Life, and we welcome one of our newest employees with an orientation.

Emotionally numb, I must do something fun and mindless.  I go watch NLF high school basketball team.

Exhausted, I go home to my lovely wife.  I eat.

I cannot sleep.

Wednesday, August 18th

Two meetings in the morning, both over an hour long.

Catch up on emails and some reading in the afternoon.

Evening sojourn to the grieving family and their friends.  They are so weak, and yet so, so strong.

Come home to another meeting, this time with a couple two weeks from marital bliss.  They are so happy, I am so excited for them.

I eat with my wife and then watch Top Chef.

I cannot sleep.

Thursday, August 19th

I interview someone in the morning.

Lunch with another ministry friend from Brooklyn.  We share dimsum, thoughts, ideas, and prayers.

Meeting with a member of NLF in the afternoon.  Big life decision forthcoming.

Convene with NLF high school bball team, and watch highlight DVD made by the ever-talented Frank Favilla and hear thoughts on life from Rich Villodas.

Tina and I have dinner with Peter, Jen, and Eli.  My soul feels replenished.

I sleep.

Friday, August 20th

Hear from a NLF family expecting the birth of their second child within hours.  Life is so precious.

Meet with Peter R and Rich V, mapping out thoughts for the Fall.

Notarize letter written on behalf of members of NLF.  Eat a Subway sandwich for the first time in months.

Catch up on emails unanswered, finally time to think ahead and fill out some spreadsheets.

Dinner at Rosa’s with my lovely wife.  BBQ Chicken, Lasagna, and Eggplant slices.  We order too much, but Rosa’s has that effect, I reason.

We convene for a gathering back at the home of the grieving family.  I hear stories, and I am moved.  I smile, I stare, I stutter, I pray.  Family and friends on a beautiful night, feeling closer than ever.

We eat delicious fish stew and shrimp fried rice from Trinidadian origins.  We munch on Guyanese snacks.

These people are so weak, but so, so strong.

I will sleep soon enough.


3 responses to “My Week Thus Far

  1. I am still grieving the death of my friend from last month also… death always makes life seem so much more precious that we realize. I teared up as I read your entry about the family. The Office is a great way to unwind. Too bad I’m all caught up. Maybe I should finally start catching up on LOST? I also like how you refer to Tina as your “lovely wife”. How lovely, indeed.

  2. Drew–just wanted to say we miss you and think you’re the best. Thanks for sharing your life. –Matt & AJ

  3. 😦 Thank you for sharing your journey with the family and friends, and your own personal journey. Good seeing you today 🙂

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