Summer Reflections

September is finally here.

It’s been quite the eventful summer, one which started with the promise of a journey through the desert, and petered along like a long bike ride uphill.

There have been splashes of relief for sure (weddings have that effect), but for the most part, it’s been one of the most trying times in my years as a pastor.

A perfect storm of funerals, stories of despair, and my own conflicted ruminations have weighed heavily upon me for the most of the past few months.

Thank God for changing seasons.

And for Resurrection.


Show me the glimmers of light unseen

Swallowed by silent darkness all around.

Perhaps my sight is untrue,

clouded by hopeless haze.

Or maybe, my vision is shut,

Unwilling and desolate, limp from loss unnoticed.

I am dead yet I resist,

Searching and scanning while nothing appearing.

In truth,

My eyes are closed, my heart has stopped.

It’s the Perfect Time

For Resurrection.


One response to “Summer Reflections

  1. thanks for sharing this, Drew! at first I resisted reading it because you stole the title of my last blog entry [which i hope you get a chance to read, i mention EHS in it :)] but I’m glad I took the time out.

    I love what you’ve written on Resurrection. very beautiful 🙂

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