Random Pics from the Past Few Weeks

Tina and I have been back in the States for a few days now, and I thought I’d post some random pics from the past couple of weeks.

1.  During my last week in Seoul, I had the opportunity to attend a conference my father was leading for over 200 pastors/leaders.  Although we don’t agree on everything, I have much respect for my father’s passion, heart, and commitment to Christ.  We had great talks over meals in Seoul.

For the first time in my life, my dad and I shared a stage at a pastors/leaders conference in South Korea. I never thought this would happen before!

2.  While in Los Angeles, my mum wanted to know what I wanted to do with some old posters from my campaign to become student body president at Mar Vista Elementary School (ca. 1990).  After seeing how cool the posters were, I realize why I won the election (special thanks to my campaign manager Peter Hyun).

You'll all be champions with Andy Hyun as President! (yes, I went by Andy back then)

Andrew Hyun will do his best as President! You can clearly see who my favorite baseball players were.

Tidbits about that Election: One of the most memorable parts of the campaign was being the first-ever candidate (so I was told) to read my speech in Spanish, Korean, and English.  What’s crazy is that Peter and I were two of maybe five Koreans in the entire school.  But hey, multiculturalism was in.  Special thanks to Danilo (I’m not sure where you are anymore, buddy) and my mom for helping with translations.

Another Interesting Tidbit: Being student body president of an elementary school entails leading the assembly in the pledge of allegiance.  I don’t recall any more responsibilities than that, although I did promise new bathroom stalls and more sloppy-joe lunch days at the beginning of my campaign.

3.  Welcome to the world and the family, Dylan Harrison Hyun!  Warmest congrats to my brother Phillip and his wife Vivian on their first child, an adorable, tenacious little guy named Dylan.

Dylan Harrison Hyun

4.  I met Jacob “Coby” Jisung Park for the first time, too! Congrats David and Jean Park (bro-in-law and sis-in-law) on their second, a ball of cuteness and coolness whom I desperately try to amuse at every turn.

Jacob "Coby" Jisung Park

I haven’t known these two for long, but I love these little guys.


4 responses to “Random Pics from the Past Few Weeks

  1. Rich Villodas

    I would’ve voted for you simply b/c you had a pic of Doc Gooden. Awesome campaign!

    • doc was my fav pitcher, easily. and gregg jefferies was the future hero that batted .321 his rookie year. i don’t know how I know these things – tina amazed, but not impressed.

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing these pictures and moments.

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