New Beginnings.

Tina and I head back to NYC in September, back from a four-month hiatus that took us to many new places and unexpected surprises.

It’s hard to describe the past four months in one blog post, so I thought I’d list my blogs since the end of April when we left NYC for a summer of transition.

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So much has changed for us, and so much has not.

I certainly feel more refreshed and energized than I ever have, but I still feel fearful and sad about what’s next.

I’ve spent gobs of time in Scripture, prayer, and silence, but I still lost my patience the other day on a phone call with American Airlines trying to get my ticket situation squared away.

After having been in the same church Sunday after Sunday for ten years, our travels took us to a house church in Tokyo, the church I attended in high school, and even to Lakewood Church, the largest church in the United States.

And after visiting so many places, I still miss home and I still miss my friends.

We’ll be returning to the same neighborhood, same one-bedroom home, same city.  But we’ll be praying for what’s next in terms of church, community, and new pizza places to visit first.

So much has changed, and so much has not.

As we start this new season, I remember the palpable sense that what God wanted to teach me (more me than Tina) was humility and dependence.  After long exercises in the Jesus Prayer, becoming re-acquainted with getting on my knees, and fasting every once in awhile, I’ve learned an all-important lesson about life:

The lessons in humility and dependence (should) never end.

So it’s appropriate that this new season includes the fact that Tina’s now 16-weeks pregnant, an unexpected gift that has humbled us beyond what we could have asked.

Ah yes, a season of new beginnings.

And yet, a season of the same prayer every single day:

“God, I need your help.  More than anything else I realize how powerless I am and how much I need to depend on you.  You are faithful and loving, and I choose this day to trust and obey you as best as I can.”  

Jeremiah 33:3

3 ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

1 Peter 5:6-7

6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. 7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


5 responses to “New Beginnings.

  1. I’ve been really appreciating your blog posts, Drew. Thanks for consistently writing. I was just talking to a friend late last night about how I’m convinced God’s heart for us is to get us utterly dependent on him. The more we try to control, the more we find out we are not in control. The more I think I know, I find out I really don’t know much. I pray that you and Tina continue on this journey of humility and dependence. Hope to see you guys when you’re back!

  2. thanks, cate! looking forward to connecting when we get back, too. praying for you and the rest of nyc this weekend with the hurricane.

  3. Hey pastor drew, ur posts are very encouraging. Im in that season of life too where everything is transitioning and I’ve found myself hanging onto nothing but trusting in God.. Where future just seems so uncertain and all the effort that Im putting in now… in this phase in life.. just seems like odds are all against me. Ur posts just reminds me that we are all in this struggle together and we r never left alone.. I want to cheer you on.. keep posting!!!

  4. There’s so much to say in response to your post. But what I really want to say right now is, Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you two. May the Lord’s Blessings continue to be upon you. I’m glad that you and Christina are coming back to New York. I join with you in prayer for direction for your lives.

    Love, Baayork

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