10 Things I’m Excited About

Here are some things I’m excited about in no particular order:

1. Tina being a mom.

2. Becoming a father.

3. Having a son.  I would have been thrilled with a daughter too, but now that we know we’re having a son, I’m excited about being a father to a son.

4. Tim Tebow’s first start this Sunday for the Denver Broncos.

5. Fall Weather.

6. The NBA season starting.

7. Our next vocational ministry endeavor. More info to come in days ahead. Stay tuned!

8. Reconnecting with friends in NYC.

9. Seeing God move in NYC and around the world.

10. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and many other occasions to celebrate in the next few months.


8 responses to “10 Things I’m Excited About

  1. So you guys will be here in NYC? Very cool if so.

  2. Monique Perello

    Wow, a baby boy – sooooo glad for you and Tina!! I meant to get back to you, Drew, to thank you for the awesome email you sent me recently. Wishing you and Tina all the best, and that I get to see you sometime soon!! Blessings, Monique.

  3. I recently heard from a friend of a friend of a friend 😀 who said that Tina was expecting! Congratulations 아버지! May your son bring you both much love.

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  5. Yay! I’m so happy for the both of you on so many fronts! Can’t wait to see you, and meet your son, and hear about your new ministry endeavors! Lots of love and happiness! 🙂

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