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Reasons to Celebrate

Here are some reasons for me to celebrate lately…

1)  Alpha Retreat – These retreats never get old.  This past season was a trying one for our leadership team (it seemed like we were all going through tough days every week), and yet God still met us in profound ways.  This is less than half of our group, but we’re the lucky ones who got to experience a beautiful day full of the most meaningful connections.

2.  Adventure Kids – Tina and I have been working with 1st-3rd graders at NLF for the past few months, and it’s been a really exhilirating time.  I’m so, so, so grateful for our volunteers who show up week after week to share some love with these kids.

32 kids raised their hands yesterday when an invitation was given to them to trust Jesus with their whole lives.  Awesome.

3.  Eli – Tina and I had a chance to take a weekend road trip to Virginia to visit Pete, Jen, and Eli.  It was a glorious time, and I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I saw Eli say, “Uncle, Auntie” with his sweet, sweet voice.  We foolishly didn’t take pictures, but I have enough pics to remind me how much I love this family.

4.  New Life Fellowship Baptisms – Baptisms are so cool because of what they symbolize – new beginnings, new ways, new life. The Christian story is captured in this brief act – uncertainty, death, resurrection, celebration.

It’s a sacrament of ultimate hope.

The fact that this moment can be celebrated with the closest of people is what makes the event all the more special.

Awesome again.

















































5.  Blake Griffin – I couldn’t resist adding this one, as trivial as it might be in light of the others.

But man, did anyone see Blake Griffin highlights against the New York Knicks?

I’ve watched about 10 Clipper games this season (my one “splurge” this year was to get NBA League pass so I could watch my beloved Clips and Jeremy Lin)., and although the team causes me such immense grief, the anticipation of one of Griffin’s extraordinary plays gives me reason to keep watching throughout.

Once Baron Davis comes back healthy, watch out!

Nasty Griffin Dunk on 7'1" Mosgov of the NY Knicks