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10 Reasons You Should Come to NLF’s New Year’s Eve Bash

I’ve written before about our New Year’s Eve Parties here and here, and I’m obviously a big fan of getting together, eating delicious international fare, then working it all off with dance lessons, singing, playing games, listening to good music, singing some more, dancing some more.

Doing all of the above in the name of “cultivating a deep spirituality with God” is always a good thing.

Anyhow, I thought I’d add 10 more reasons (in no particular order) you should come out to our party tomorrow.

1)  Where else can you get to eat bulgogi, samosas, fetticini alfredo, jerk chicken, and spanish rice and beans in the same meal? And THEN, eat some pad thai to round out the meal…

Worship at New Year's Eve - easily my favorite part of the night.

2)  We have a stellar lineup of performers this year at our Coffeehouse – New Life’s very own Judea Costes, Henn Sie, Cate Song, and Abbey Hoffman. They’re worth the admission price alone!

3)  We can all do the Electric Slide and Cupid Shuffle again, led by the hip-shaking Mike Park and Rich Villodas. Does this ever get old?  Probably.  But probably not.

Where else can you experience the Cupid Shuffle led by Mike and Rich? It may not be synchronized, but it will be fun!

4)  Our Hip Hop Lessons will be given by talented and experienced instructor Susan Maysonet (one of NLF’s very own). She will also be leading our Family Dancing time as well!

The dreaded dancing circle actually works on New Year's Eve at New Life!

5)  The dreaded dancing circle, found in most wedding parties and impromptu dance parties, are actually a chance to showcase some of NLF’s extraordinary dancing talent.

6)  You’ll have a chance to join in the longest dancing train you’ll ever experience.

Seriously, will you ever be part of a longer dancing train anywhere else?

7)  The worship experience is incomparable. There’s something about ringing in the New Year with family and friends singing at the top of our lungs about the faithfulness of God that is unlike any other feeling in the world.

8)  You never know what interesting characters and costumes you’ll see now that it’s 80s night.

By popular demand, it's 80s night tomorrow night.

9)  We will likely have a time of silent reflection during our meditation time. Who says it’s loud and rowdy the whole time?

10)  It’s a chance to hang out with kids, youth, parents, grandparents, singles, couples in a fun, delicious, and warm atmosphere.

Fun times for the whole family!


Doesn’t this all sound so spiritual?

You can register at the door tomorrow night.  More information can be found here.

Feel free to invite family and friends!

Sidenote:  If you’re in Manhattan and would prefer another party, I’d highly recommend Restore’s New Year’s Eve Gala to support a fantastic cause.